Photo Studio Mari Righez

Photo Studio Mari Righez opened on September 31, 2007 in Itapema – SC

We have more than 10 years of experience with photographs of pregnant women, who come from various parts of Brazil and the world, to perform their rehearsal with us, but we also conduct wherever our client is.

We value quality and good service, which are exclusive.

We have a large studio, over 150 meters, offering comfort and warmth. We have lounge to welcome guests and companions and a kids space to entertain, and also wifi available.

We offer wine, sparkling wine, whiskey, mid-session snack with fresh fruit, juice and delicious coffee for the well-being of all.

Our work is authorial and proposes the creation of a concept for each essay, so we provide makeup artist / hairdresser and fashion producer to qualify the work, making your day unforgettable.

You will have a unique experience that will make the moment of gestation amazing!

We have optional massage and doula.

Mari started as a professional in 2007 at the age of 23, directing her work for rehearsals and event coverage, but has always loved the world of pregnant women and babies.

In the constant search for recognition of its perfectionist public, in 2010 sought to innovate and create something to stand out. A pioneer in the region, it has become known among pregnant women throughout the country.

She united his delicate style of looking at pregnant women, with a hint of sensuality and a lot of boldness, built a language of his own, inserting fashion in the photography of pregnant women.

Mari Righez teaches workshops and has lectured at the largest photography fairs and congresses in Brazil. Mari was in Japan when she was invited to teach a newborn workshop at a photography school.


Our mission is to strive for excellence through differentiated work, bringing female empowerment, and eternalizing the miracles of life, with commitment and respect.


Become the only photographer in the world to bring in her authorial work, concept and fashion information within the universe of motherhood.


Respect | Excellence | Confidence


It is the editor who handles the images chosen by the client. It uses the Photoshop program to correct colors and possible imperfections, its specialty is to make each image becomes even more beautiful and perfect in a smooth and subtle way.

Specialist in photo album design. Its mission is to turn photographs into creative and unique albums. Using the concepts of typography, color and layout, we work to make each album look nice, light and timeless!


The makeup artist / hairdresser is indispensable to make the rehearsal amazing. Its function is to specifically highlight the favorable points and hide the negatives, drawing and highlighting through the contours, the beauty that each woman has! It lasts on average 1 and 30 min. (See values)

The fashion producer is the professional who creates and idealizes a concept for your essay by studying your biotype and your preferences.

Days in advance, she will contact you (via phone / email) to gather the information needed to prepare the essay proposal.

She is responsible for the elaboration of the scene (poses, set design) and styling (production of looks) with angles and pieces * that favor and value the body in this very specific moment.

The fashion producer has a very important role, especially for those who live in this moment of indecision and change. It will help translate your style and save you time.

On the day of the rehearsal, the elaborate proposal is passed on to the client and the producer follows the rehearsal from beginning to end, performing each change of look. (See values)